Stop overpaying for Urodynamics Catheters

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Are you still paying too much for Urodynamics Catheters?

There’s no hiding it, your urodynamic costs right now are outrageous. We’re here to tell you that for the first time in a decade, 
urology professionals and their patients have a new option – Gemini.

There’s a new option in a monopolized market

Since 2019, the lead competitor in the urology industry has ruthlessly increased their prices 130% since 2019 – even during the COVID crisis when many practices were struggling. This lack of remorse was the main motivation for us to launch Gemini and give you what you deserve – high quality urodynamics consumables at a responsible price. 

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what Dr. John Lin had to say during his live interview with Gemini co-founders Brian Hersh and Dr. Elizabeth Babin:

“The outrageous price gouging that you all have been experiencing when it comes to your urodynamics catheter costs are just… infuriating... I don't see any reason why anyone would want to continue using the competitor's catheter when they have this option.”

Watch the full interview to learn: 

  • The real reason why urodynamic prices have increased 130% since 2019
  • How Gemini is compatible with most UDS systems
  • Gemini’s guaranteed cost savings compared to Laborie
  • Why barcode upgrades aren’t actually necessary  
  • Why Gemini is committed to saving you money

You’ve got options now. Talk to us and see the money you can save.

We can help you quickly understand the potential savings to your practice by making the switch to Atmos catheters. We won’t be locking you into our ecosystem or taking away your options. We’ll also keep your consumable prices the same until the end of 2024.*

*Gemini may change its policy and published pricing at any time. Customers that make the switch to Gemini prior to any future change will continue to participate at their current pricing fixed through December 2024