Better, smarter bladder scanners for your practice.

Get the information you need for studies faster and with less hassle.

  • Real-time image

    Identify, track, and visualize bladder anomalies as you scan.

  • Fully automated

    One scan gets you a 3D image of the bladder and its volume.

  • Easy to get started

    Integrates easily with EMRs and doesn't require calibration.

  • Training & support

    Get free, unlimited training along with a dedicated support team.

Learn more about each bladder scanner

Vitascan LT – C6

Built for enhanced integration capabilities

Vitascan LT – C6 is a real-time and fully automated bladder scanner that gives you the benefit of a larger system without the bulk.

  • 10″ color antimicrobial medical grade tablet running on Windows
  • Save studies in real-time locally or to a network and in all standard file formats for EMR
  • Automatically measures Post Void Retention (PVR)

Vitascan PD+

Designed with portability in mind

Vitascan PD+ is a compact yet powerful real-time bladder scanner that is meant to be on-to-go just like you.

  • Built-in thermal printer means you don’t have to connect to anything else to print your study
  • 10″ colour touchscreen
  • Tabletop console with handle
  • Pubis bone detection algorithm