Proven accuracy for reliable results

Proven accuracy for reliable results

Validity of Atmos Air Charge Urodynamic Catheter Across 151 catheters from Baseline to 100mmHG (0 to 143 cmH20)

Abstract: The purpose was to validate the functionality of Atmos Air Charged Catheters to properly measure pressure when connected to a Urodynamics machine. Methods: The hypothesis was that Atmos measures accurate pressure within +/- 5%. Using a calibrated pressure gauge to simulate human cavities, 151 catheters were tested on calibrated pressure sensing units calibrated to a T-DOC Catheter to re-enforce that Atmos catheters are backwards compatible with existing UDS equipment and software. Serial pressures were applied to Atmos at 10mmHg intervals from 0mmHg to 100mmHg in the calibration chamber and recorded as cmH20 output from the UDS equipment. Statistical analysis was performed.

Results: Scatterplots showed agreement. The Lin’s concordance correlation coefficient indicates extremely high agreement between the two scores (n=41; ρc = .999, 95% confidence limits .999, .999, p=<.001). The Bland Altman Comparison showed the mean difference between known and measured pressure was -0.897 across all time points with a 95% confidence interval of -0.943, -0.851. 

Conclusion: Statistical Analysis of Atmos Air Charged Catheters shows near-perfect concordance as measured on two independent machines. This far exceeded the target of +/- 5mmHg

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