You have options

You have options

An expanded market for urology consumables and equipment puts patients and practices first.

Partnering with you to achieve more

Gemini provides advanced urodynamic solutions and tailored service to improve best practices and quality care. By understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of today’s physicians and their patients, we believe we can build long-term partnerships that will shape the future of urologic diagnostics and generate industry-wide prosperity.

Products Made Simple

Gemini’s premium technology gives patients and practitioners innovative alternatives. It is our goal to make procedures as quick and comfortable as possible for patients. That means providing practitioners with products that are easy to use and widely compatible with your current methods and equipment.

Finding Success for Your Patients & Practice

At Gemini, our goal is to foster long-term partnerships with you. By providing premium urodynamics catheters, equipment, consumables, and support at practice-friendly rates, we can together work towards a greater treatment experience for your patients while raising the profitability of your practice.

Fostering Prosperity & Development

To improve patient well-being and quality of life, physicians need the tools and support to provide the best diagnostics and treatment. By listening to our customers, understanding their problems, and fostering partnerships throughout the value chain, we develop solutions to generate industry-wide prosperity.

With Atmos the choice is yours

After a decade, physicians and patients finally have a new option for urodynamic testing. With enhanced features for improved comfort, easy application, and accurate measurements, we invite you to try our premier suite of Atmos Air-Charged Urodynamics Catheters to experience the difference.

Universal Integrations

Atmos catheters are compatible with urodynamics systems, meaning you can begin testing with no additional training, upgrades, or added costs.

Smaller Diameter

Measuring at 6 FR, Atmos offers the smallest diameter of urodynamic catheters on the market. When it comes to patient comfort, every millimeter makes a difference.

Advanced Structure

Atmos catheters maintain their stiff and rigid shape for easy insertion then soften when warmed inside the body for a flexible and natural fit for your patient.

Matched Performance

Atmos performs comparably to the market’s leading catheter, so physicians can get the same reliable results while experiencing the additional benefits of Atmos.

Universal Integration

Smaller Diameter

Advanced Structure

Matched Performance

A new line of urodynamic systems give you options

Our lineup of advanced UDS systems by MMT range from compact and portable to highly advanced, so that you can choose the one that fits your practice best. All systems perform complex cystometrogram (CMG), voiding pressure studies, electromyography (EMG), and wireless uroflowmetry.