The truth behind barcodes for urodynamic consumables and equipment

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You have likely been approached to “upgrade” your UDS system with barcoding to scan your consumables. If you haven’t yet, expect a knock on your door. 

What they claim barcodes can do for you

You will hear that this “upgrade” will help you with inventory control or recall tracking, because you’ll be scanning each disposable item you use. 

But this is not the whole truth! 

What’s really going on with barcodes on your UDS equipment and consumables

The barcode upgrade will be offered to you, likely for free. The barcode scanning will allow them to lock you in with their consumables and pricing. You won’t be able to use other catheters and pump tubing because they won’t scan in with their systems.

This takes away your option to use different consumables that deliver the same accuracy and performance, but at a lower price.

We know that practices are having their margins squeezed, and a large part of that is how much the average price of consumables has increased. Catheter pricing has nearly doubled over the last three years. If you sign up for a barcode upgrade, you’re signing up for more of that.

Book a consultation

We can help you quickly understand the potential savings to your practice by making the switch to Atmos catheters. We won’t be locking you into our ecosystem or taking away your options. We’ll also keep your consumable prices the same until the end of 2024.