Version 12 UDS is here! The most advanced urodynamic software and equipment from Gemini

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Over the past year of working with urology and urogynecology practices, we’ve heard loud and clear that continuous improvement is important. We deeply understand the pain points practices are experiencing and are actively working to address them. This latest UDMvision Version 12, which runs on the full line of our UDS equipment, aims to make progress towards that goal.

The updates that we feel will make the biggest impact for practices are:

Smart reporting includes ICS guided interpretation.

Complete study interpretation in less than 2 minutes with pre-populated phrases and values. Say goodbye to manual data input.

Markers are automatically set to the highest value.

No more manually moving the mark after each cough/valsalva! This lets you focus on your patient during the study and makes interpretation much smoother.

Subtracted volume can be shown in reports.

When enabled, the software will show the infusion volume without the voided volume. This increases the measurement accuracy in patients during the filling cystometry and helps correction for the filling sensations.

Metronome sounds play in manual profilometry.

No more counting "1-one-thousand, 2-one-thousand" in your head! While we're sure you're great at it, we figured you'd appreciate having one less thing to do during a study.

Battery charging status is shown before you start.

We've all been there... the equipment needs to be plugged in mid-study and you're scrambling. Now you'll know before you start and can stay focused during the study.

Bibliography section for manual complete history input.

If you've got lots of patient history information, there's tons of space to add it. We've heard that this is great for important context that doesn't fit in the other patient information sections.

Video frame screenshots can be added to the report.

If you're doing video UDS, you can choose which image from the event to insert into your report along with your interpretation.

It's still easy to integrate with EMRs and go paperless with your UDS studies.

All of the UDS systems in Gemini’s lineup can save practices precious time with their unique ability to assist in interpretation and combine data from other systems. It’s as simple as…

Complete the study with automated on-screen phase navigation

Interpret the study with auto-calculations and prompts that follow ICS standards

Upload to EMR via HL7 or DICOM with the press of a button

And this all works without needing to pay for expensive integration services. Your IT team gets a short guide to follow for inputting your EMR’s details and it’s ready to go.

If you’re interested in seeing how all this time saved could help your practice, reach out and we’ll help you find the system that fits your needs.